Don’t Look at the View

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Last blog found us traveling in a vehicle. I guess I wasn’t done driving.

I can still see the highway near Lake Shasta. Our family was headed to Washington State to visit my grandparents. The highway curves sharply as the grade rapidly rises to meet the cobalt sky. It’s a glorious sight. Though the view is spectacular, the heights can be scary. I remember my little sister repeatedly advising my Dad, “Don’t look at the view. Don’t look at the view.”

If there is one thing I have learned, there are times that I can look at the view and times when I can’t. Times when I am willing to see beyond the road and times when it’s all I can do just to steer the vehicle.

For me, painting familiar subjects is like comfort food for the soul , When I’m in comfort mode, I’ll play songs on the piano that I already know and create meals that are old favorites. However, when I’m ready to look at the view, I’ll learn a new song, try a new recipe or even tackle a new medium.

Do you need help making the shift from comfort food to experiencing the glorious view? Things that help me get my creative juices flowing are:

1) Long drives or rides in a vehicle.
2) Getting the lead out on the treadmill.
3) Do routine tasks such as house cleaning or gardening.
4) Take a shower or bath.
5) Going for a walk.
6) Doodle. Doodle with words, doodle with lines, doodle with music. Just doodle.
7) Take a nap.

Something always calls to me during those activities. Some spark of inspiration that removes the blinders and lets me see the view. Then it’s simply up to me to answer.

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