YMCA Visits Sock Monkeys in the Wild

A great time was had by all yesterday when the YMCA kids came to visit my  Sock Monkey’s in the Wild exhibit at the Blak Sage Gallery.

First the children looked at the art. They smiled and giggled at the scenes. Their positive response made my day! We played some seek and find games designed to help them engage with the art pieces individually, and at the end, I gave them chance to actually touch, yes touch a painting.

Next we talked about writing, illustration, and I encouraged them to create their own books.  We rounded out the visit with a trip next door to my studio so they could see how I worked. I was thrilled to have them visit, as one of  goals for this exhibit was to introduce children to fine art.

Nicole Hartshorn, Regional Child Development Director, then took them back to the YMCA and made an entire sock monkey  day of it. They made sock everything!

Here’s a little slideshow of the afternoon:

[slideshow] Thanks YMCA for letting me spend the afternoon with these wonderful kids!

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  1. i am a sock monkey and i love art and to dance my tail is ijured but i still have loads of fun