The Art Of Shannon Grissom

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I started life as a musician, not a painter, yet I don’t even want to know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t started painting. I was 32  when I saw an advertisement for an adult education painting class. It sounded like fun , so I registered for the class.

Oh it was such fun and I felt like home! I wasn’t very good but I knew instantly that I was destined to be a professional artist. I even went out and had business cards printed after my first week of class proclaiming myself an artist!

Back then I was a wild child bent on a path of self destruction. I really liked to party. But I was determined to make this art thing work. So I got up at 3am every morning to paint before work. (Painting after work was out of the question as my jobs were always fast paced and stressful.) As a result I quit drinking because being hungover interfered with my painting. I haven’t had a drink since. As for the 3am stuff,  I kept up this pace for about 5 years until I was able to leave my day job and become a full time artist.

I still get up early (well not quite that early)  and do something creative before I drive to the studio. Sometimes I blog, other times I compose music but always I keep the morning as sacred creative time. I don’t ever want to go back to my old way of life.

You probably noticed that I like to work in a lot of creative mediums. It’s always been like this and I don’t think I can ever change. It keeps all my creative juices flowing and my productivity at a maximum. This way I am always in the mood for one of them!

To see a vast body of my work please click here.

As for styles I have two distinct bodies of work, Figure/Portrait/Still-Life/Sock Monkey and Landscapes/Abstracts. When I paint people and still-life scenes, they are boldly colored and realistic, with very little texture.

Portrait of a Woman in a Black hat

Wine Still Life

When I paint landscapes, they are also boldly colored but I use a ton of paint and sometimes only the palette knife as a painting tool. There’s something about the great outdoors that makes me paint unrestrained.

Abstract Landscape Painting Santa Rosa Valley

The common factor for all of my work is that I paint BIG. Really big! Santa Rosa Valley is 48″x 60″ and Beyond the Valley is 48″ x 72″ and Maria’s face is 24″x30…

Abstract Landscape

There has always been color in my music and soul in my paintings. Thankfully, at this stage of my life they are merging.

I love painting. It has loved me.  And I am eternally grateful to it for the life it has given me.