Celebrating Literacy Week at Si Se Puede Learning Center

Yesterday I had the opportunity to read my book Monkey Made of Sockies for the children of the Si Se Puede Learning Center. What a great group of kids! There were about 30 children, ranging in age from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. And despite the wide age range, they were attentive and engaging.

I was impressed by the upbeat staff and the expansion of the center. Si Se Puede has really grown since my last visit many moons ago. (About 8 years ago, I volunteered at the center, giving art classes.) The Si Se Puede Learning Center has a wealth of programs for the residents and the staff is incredibly positive. I was there as part of their Literacy Week festivities.

It was great fun! I shared the story of how Monkey Made of Sockies was inspired, read from my book, and we all sang the Monkey Made of Sockies Song.

The question and answer session, kept me grinning as I sat in their “hot seat”.

What’s Monkey Made of Sockies favorite color? Red

What’s Monkey Made of Sockies favorite food? Chocolate… he really doesn’t care for bananas

How old are you? Old enough to be your Grandmother :O)

How old is the monkey? About 70.

What’s your mother’s favorite color? Green

Does he have a favorite pet? Yes. Clyde the dog.

How did the pages of the book get shiny? (Ya got me on that one.)

How does the painting get in the book? Magic! I explained the process…

How long did it take to write? A year to illustrate and write.

What does a publisher do? That was a long answer…

As I was leaving, there were hugs from a group of kids,  and one little fellow asked if I’d return in August.

I sure will.

Special thanks to Charles Miller for the opportunity to share my experience with these children.


A bit about the  Si Se Puede Learning Center courtesy of Charles Miller:

Since 1966 the César Chávez Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by César Chávez and Dolores Huerta, has impacted countless working-class families through education, affordable housing, economic development, health care, and financial services. We continue our dedication to service through our Community Services Division of the CCF, which provides critical socials services to many Latina/o and other underserved communities throughout the Southwest, including Hollister.

Our Sí, Se Puede! Learning Center is located at the Villa Luna Apartments, an affordable housing site in Hollister, where we developed and opened an after-school program in September 2008 to 30 school age children, grades Kindergarten-5th.  The Sí, Se Puede! Learning Center’s mission is to give youth the opportunity to empower themselves and achieve success in school, at home, and in their community.  Our students come every day from 2:45pm – 5:45pm where they receive homework assistance and participate in learning and leadership enrichment. You can check out our Facebook page to get a glimpse into our everyday activities: Si, Se Puede! Learning Center