Two New Apps!

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Spend most of your time on mobile apps? Now you can get feeds for both this site and my gratitude site and some other really cool content, right on your phone! 

I was searching for an app template for another project I was working on, when I found the  AppGuppy  site via Carolyn Edlund at Artsy Shark.

I trust Carolyn’s recommendations, and the app is free so I charged ahead on this one.

These were fairly easy to create via AppGuppy.

There were only a few glitches The app does not like it when you have more than one FB account, and will only import one of them. And it doesn’t seem to want to take the feed from this here site so I got creative and placed it in another section. I so hoping tech support can help me with that issue.

I found the app especially cool for my gratitude posts. I do not duplicate posts from my site on to my Facebook Gratitude page. Now you can see all of them in one place.

Here’s the code for TodayIAmGratefulFor.Me

Gratitude QR

Here’s the code for ShannonGrissom.Info

QR copy App copy


My other project may need an app developer. I never found just the right software. But I’m going to continue to search… one never knows…