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 Announcing a new web site with a focus on gratitude…


Today I Am Grateful For. Me

Here’s how it started…

In November of 2009, my niece Belinda Gravel suggested that folks fill their Facebook posts with thoughts of thanksgiving for the entire month. I loved the idea! That period was an exceptionally challenging time in my life, and I believed that seeking and sharing gratitude would help me focus on the good.

I was happy to discover I was right. Several years later I’m still going strong, seeking and sharing gratitude every day.

I have had such a positive response from my Facebook posts, that I decided to set up a web site that focuses on all manner of gratitude. It is my hope to share gratitude from a wide variety of contributors. And for those so inclined, they could have a daily dose of inspiration, delivered straight to their inbox.

Effective 7/3/13,  I’ll also move my daily Facebook posts from my personal page, to a fan page called TodayIAmGratfulFor.  

Bottom line, there will be two ways to get a daily dose of gratitude. One via Facebook and the other via my web site. They will rarely share the same content.

Red Rose


Thank you all for keeping me inspired! I’m hoping my new site and my new Facebook page is a way to hug you back.

2 Responses

  1. Gerry

    Great idea! Was thinking about doing another page too that just shows the pics I take (however 3 pages already is plenty to handle). Go for it!