Keep Swinging

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to pitch Cowboys and Wizards to an established record producer.  The format of the pitch was a one-way, non-interactive live video session. (We could hear/see the producer, but we could not interact with him.)

The producer loved the title  of the tune  and began the pitch session with a wide grin.   The grin started to fade after about 15 seconds, then he became disengaged, and finally said, ” I don’t think so.”  That was it.

While it would have been helpful to get verbal feedback , his non-verbal communication was loud and clear. As the kids say, “Him didn’t like it.”

Without feedback I didn’t know if he thought the song was terrible, or simply just didn’t like it, or both!  I felt the song was solid so I decided to take what I learned in this pitch session to my new work. What did I learn? I was reminded that opening lines are important , and continual engagement is vital. 

Monday I received an exciting  email from a promoter telling me that the video of Cowboys and Wizards was in the running for a special showing in New York’s Central Park.  Same song, different audience. And while it didn’t make the final cut, it was not because of the tune, it was because the video was a live performance driven rather than a story.  (Huge thank you to this promoter for providing feedback!)

I had to grin…two of my early paintings were rejected from shows/competitions and then went on to win awards.

Restoration of the 805A

Restoration of the 805A,  24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas By Shannon Grissom


Just A Family of Peppers

Just a Family of Peppers, 24″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas by Shannon Grissom

The whole experience was a great reminder to create create create! Strive to be the best you can be. Some folks will love you,  some will be repelled, and others simply won’t care at all.  I’ve simply got to keep swinging if I want to knock it out of the park.







  1. Great analogy. Still love those paintings, by the way. :)

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