Falling Out Of Love

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Back in February, I did a painting demonstration on the subject of water reflections. 

The first statement (draft) was promising, but I didn’t want to finish it.

Work in progress
Work in Progress, Demo

I made several attempts to complete the painting but they were half-hearted and it showed.

Instead of developing into a wonderful creation the painting grew less and less inspired. The more I played with it the worse it looked.


I finally had to admit I had fallen out of love with the subject.


Last week I  finally  let go,  and decided to paint over it.

I knew it was going to be hard to paint over some of the textured without “ghosts” appearing, so I decided to create a heavily textured palette knife painting.

Here’s the third draft:

Sunflower in Progress
Sunflower in Progress

I love the texture and bold color and am glad I switched directions.

Life’s too short to spend time creating things that don’t make me go whooohooo!

I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

6 Responses

  1. Rachelle Reese

    It’s interesting that you used yellows and blues for both paintings. Truthfully, I like both of them, but they evoke different emotions. The first on suggest tranquility, but has a hint of something ominous. My biggest problem with it is that the first focal point is smack dab in the center, so I’m kind of stuck. The second painting is so happy…a sunflower greeting the summer.
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  2. Jerri Kuehn

    Shannon, the sunflower is definitely working. It is good to keep in mind when a composition isn’t working, you can try blocking off one or more edges to see if that makes it work. If it does, cut in down! From your photo it looks to me like that might have done it. However if you were unhappy with other things as well then starting over is the best.

  3. Hannah Lyn

    Your first wasn’t wonderful???? Eeeks! I totally love it. It is so very serene. Guess I just needed that serenity today & you painted over it. argh. Good thing our art is our own, huh? The sunflower is great, too, though.