More Monkey Made of Sockies Smile Ambassadors

The #SockMonkeySmile movement is gaining momentum!

More Monkey Made of Sockies smile ambassadors are on their way to their new homes!

Biker Dude Made of Sockies is on it’s way to Midway Village Museum in Rockford, IL, home of the Sock Monkey and Sock Monkey Festival.

Sock Monkey Biker Dude Painting
Biker Dude Made of Sockies, 24 ” x 36 ” Oil on Canvas By Shannon Grissom

Mother and Child is on it’s way to Emmaus House in Hollister, CA…

Mother and Child Monkey Made of Sockies
Mother and Child Made of Sockies, OIl on Canvas, 36″ x 24″ By Shannon Grissom


Valentine Made of Sockies is on it’s way to the YMCA of San Benito County….

Sock Monkey Valentine
Valentine Made of Sockies, Oil on Canvas 36″ x36″

 And Victory is now at Chamberlain’s Children’s Center :O) in Hollister, CA

Victory, OIl on Canvas, 30"x40" By Shannon Grissom, Monkey Made of Sockies Sock Monkey Art
Victory, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ By Shannon Grissom

I am so grateful to be able to spread such good cheer!

I’ll post about each individual ambassador and their wonderful homes very soon.