Peanut Butter and Chocolate Moment

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“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
~ Phil Collins


We had a Reeses “Peanut Butter and Chocolate” moment last Thursday night in class.

(Not sure what I’m referring to? Have a peek at this vintage commercial…)



Back to the story…

I teach an art class for middle school students on Thursday nights.

Their acrylic palettes are made from the lids of nut containers.  I used to clean them after each painting session but over time I decided to just scrape off the excess paint, let it dry, and then reuse. 


Over time they get built up with paint.

Laci was about to start her painting and wanted a fresh palette. So she peeled the paint off the lid.



Peeling Paint
Peeling Paint

The  fragments turned out to be beautiful and we were all inspired.

I suggested that make a collage using the fragments and adding more paint if they so desired.

And if that didn’t float their boat they were free to do the painting lesson. (We were exploring Modigliani portraits.)

"Clean" Palette
“Clean” Palette

 Here’s Caitlin’s creation…

Caitlin's Collage
Caitlin’s Collage

 And here’s Cole’s….

Cole's Collage
Cole’s Collage

 Laci, armed with a clean palette, opted for the painting…

Laci's Painting
Laci’s Painting


We all had a blast and I love their creations.

These students are the best teachers!



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  1. Bill Cuebas

    Love it !!! 😉 I remember the commercial and Ralph Mouth Happy Days