Guest Post: Make an Elvis song a book contest!

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Her’s a fun guest post from Mimi Barbour…




One day, I heard an Elvis song on the radio called “She’s Not You” and darned if I could get that song out of my mind. It didn’t happen until I realized what a wonderful story those words told and wrote the first chapter of the book.


When it came time to decide which of Elvis’s songs to make into Book #2, I had a fantastic idea. Why not let the readers make that choice?

“Make an Elvis song into a book contest!”

Fresh Fiction:

Here it is live for the whole month of February.

Please let all your friends know about it!

Tell your mom and her pals who grew up with the King!

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It’ll be fun to see which of his songs will grace the cover of

Book #2 in Mimi Barbour’s Elvis series.

Here’s what the winner will receive:

1. The winner will have his/her favorite song chosen as the title and theme for the next book in the Elvis series.

2. It will be dedicated to the winner.

3. And their name will be used for one of the characters.


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