What Would You Keep? Inspired by Derek Sivers

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It all started with a thought/feeling provoking article by Derek Sivers entitled “What if you didn’t need money or attention?” 

Sivers poses the questions, “But what if you had so much money that you couldn’t possibly want any more? What would you do then? What would you stop doing?”

Me? What would I keep? The first things that come to mind are:

I’d still write songs.

I’d still paint pictures.

I’d still teach/learn. 

Every once in a while I paint a painting or write a song that takes me to another dimension. Derek’s blog post is a life changer.I’ve already started to make some adjustments…

What about you? What do you love? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below or connect with me here.



Meanwhile back to Sivers…. what  an inspiring story! After I was finished with the article, I explored his site and  it’s so worth a visit. While you are there, scroll down to the bottom for a great e-book on Marketing Your Music.  It’s a fun and informative read, and applies to anything you want to market.

HUGE thanks to Derek Sivers for freely sharing his experience and insight. 

I look forward to implementing much of what I have learned.





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