Doing It Anyway

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“To escape fear, you have to go through it, not around.”
Richie Norton

I had an exceptional case of stage fright before this West Coast Songwriters competition at MidPenMedia in Palo Alto. It had been a year and a half since I’d performed, and though I had practiced for the performance, I still felt rusty.

And fearful.

Prior to the performance, I pulled out all the stops to change my state of being.

I meditated. I drank stress relief tea. I visualized a positive outcome and wild applause. Yet when I approached the piano, I feared that I would not remember either of my songs.

Thankfully, as soon as I sat down at the piano, host Becky Saunders  chatted with me and I loosened up a bit.

The first song, Old A Lady Shoes  came off pretty shaky…. if you’d like to hear it you can visit this link and fast forward the time code to 9:40.

By the time I got to the second song, Keep Your Faith, I had regained some of my composure …


On the drive home, I was triumphant! I didn’t win a thing for my songwriting, but I totally felt like a winner. I had felt tremendous fear leading up to the performance but I overcame my stage fright.

May you all keep your faith, close, so that it can be heard…