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Last spring I was interviewed by American Lifestyle Magazine. I knew it would come out in the fall, but I didn’t have a date. What a nice surprise to see this article in print. Thanks for the wonderful article, American Lifestyle! And huge thanks to realtor Jack Markle, for pitching me to them.


You can read the article by clicking here 🙂


American Lifestyle Magazine Shannon Grissom

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  1. JoAnne Benson

    So that’s the rest of the story. Shannon and I met thru our local art club and have been friends since. She has been dedicated to her art as long as I’ve known her, waking up at that 3am hour to follow her passion. Well it has paid off. Shannon’s style is her own, and it is wonderful!! This is a great detailed story of her career. Thank you for filling in the blanks for her supporters. Great job American Lifestyle Magazine. Great job Shannon Grissom.