Random Act of Kindness From An Artist

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I held a garage sale earlier in the year. Among the items for sale were several pieces of costume jewelry that I inherited from our Mother after she passed.

Julie, an artist, found several pieces she liked. She told me that she made suncatchers with the jewelry. I was happy to see Mom’s jewelry go to a good home.

Now I’ve never been one to wear much bling, and I thought it would be easy to let go of the pieces. But as I was counting the change back to Julie, I choked up and had trouble speaking. I  could barely complete the transaction. She gave me a kind glance on her way out.

About a week later, she returned with this beautiful gift. Yeah, I cried 🙂

Suncatcher by Juls


Julie’s art hangs proudly in a tree right outside my studio window. She inspires me every time I look out the window.

Click here to see 3 second video of this cool piece in action 🙂

To see more artwork by Juls, please visit her Etsy site and website.


Julie, you are a gift!

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  1. G.L. dover

    awesome story,really enjoyed it! Last week I dropped my wallet in restroom,at Hillside Mkt..Miraculously,a young man maybe 19 or 20 came running calling out “sir you dropped your wallet! I was stunned,it had contained hundreds of dollars as well as credit cards Ect.He wouldn`t take a reward.there really are some Good people left out there!