Something Really Cool Happened Along The Way

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I started this painting last year during one of the live model sessions at the Gertrude School with the Yosemite Western Artists. At the time, I was simply striving for a likeness of the model.

For months it sat stacked with my other unfinished work.  Many times I thought about throwing it out. But the start was promising and it was spared. (I searched for a photo of the start but could not find one.)

Last month, I decided I would finish the portrait. Instead of focusing on a likeness, I decided to paint a state of being. For this painting I chose “Acceptance”.

Something really cool happened along the way. The feeling of the painting went beyond acceptance and turned in to gratitude.

Makes me smile really big.

Gratitude By Shannon Grissom

6 Responses

  1. Gina

    I love it up top when you can see all of the detail of your work. Was this in Oil with your palette knife?

  2. Kerry Safford

    She’s so pretty – and so detailed; everything seems to be shimmering!! Love it!!