In November of 2009, my niece Belinda Gravel suggested that folks fill their Facebook posts with thoughts of thanksgiving for the entire month. I loved the idea! That period was an exceptionally challenging time in my life, and I believed that seeking and sharing gratitude would help me focus on the good.

I was happy to discover I was right. Several years later I’m still going strong, seeking and sharing gratitude every day.

I have had such a positive response from my Facebook posts that I decided to set up a site that focuses on all manner of gratitude. It is my hope to share gratitude from a wide variety of contributors. And for those so inclined, they could have a daily dose of inspiration, delivered straight to their inbox.

The rest of the time, I’m a licensed artist, television producer/host, songwriter, author and goofball who carries my camera with me everywhere I goes.

My studio in Coarsegold, CA is open by appointment.

To visit my gratitude site and get daily inspiration, click here 🙂