~ 43 Hand-drawn, Monkey Made of Sockies Coloring Pages, featuring the artwork of Shannon Grissom. (There are 89 pages all told. Each coloring page is accompanied by the original Monkey Made of Sockies artwork.)
Here’s a peek inside:

Accordion By Shannon Grissom


Accordion Coloring Page
Accordion Coloring Page


More features…
~ Instant Download and Gratification 🙂

~ Pages are suitable for kids of all ages. Print them on regular paper and they can be colored with pencils, crayons or markers. Print them on canvas or watercolor paper and they are ready to paint!

~ Only $1.99 And no shipping!

~ Instant stress-buster

How it Works:

After purchase, you’ll receive a link to your book. Please download as soon as possible. Once downloaded, you can print it as many times as you wish. I love that you can color any image as many times/ways as you like. Hey infinite possibilities are a beautiful thing!


Enjoy! Please send me pics of the pages you’ve colored and I will post them on this site.