New Music: Lullaby

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  Just before Christmas, Jason Shepherd sent me this sweet instrumental he composed. I had visions of children tucked in to bed, drifting off to magical dreams. So I decided to write a lullaby…. Enjoy :O)    You can find … Continued

Beautiful New Music: Fall Inside A Lily

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I’m really excited about this latest music collaboration between me and Jason Shepherd! It’s my new favorite.  This was one of those wonderful creations that just seemed to fall in to place all on it’s own. Jason sent me the … Continued

The Way You…New Music

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About a week ago, Jason Shepherd sent me the guitar portion of this song. I listened to it and the lyrics and melody came pouring out. There I am, in my home office, singing and laughing, and thinking “Oh this … Continued

New Music Collaboration~ Maybe Forever

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  Only in the digital age…. Jason Shepherd sits down with his guitar in Kentucky and records a melody. Next he uploads it to Dropbox . Out here in California, I download it, add more music, lyrics and my voice. … Continued