Kamikaze Butterflies

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This week, during my drive down our country highway, I’ve been marveling at all the kamikaze butterflies hurtling themselves towards my windshield. Fortunately, my windshield is at just the angle to deflect most of their attacks. The air current scoops them up and over the van to safety. However, upon reaching my destination I’ve noticed that other butterflies and windshields are not so lucky.

Did you ever try to create while traveling at high speed through a sea of kamikaze butterflies? There you are, just you and the keyboard/piano/canvas. The phone starts ringing as the UPS driver arrives at the door. Once angelic children begin to fight and the dog has to go out right now!

Scheduling creative time is like getting the angle of the windshield just right. If you schedule your time when the butterflies are not traveling, you’ll have more peace and a clear view of the road ahead. This can mean getting up before the rest of the household. Or it can mean hiring a sitter and placing a do not disturb sign on your door. Sometimes, the only way to get peace is to leave.

As I parked the van, I realized that the butterflies were not Kamikaze’s. They were simply trying to get to their destination while I bulldozed through their path. There is no way to go around the butterflies. I’m learning to travel with them.

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Shannon, Far to nicely said for a friday…Blast through those suckers. They aren’t merely trying to get somewhere, they’re all plotting to slow you down….Carpe Butterfly!!!!*what you do after you have seized the butterfly is up to you…*Dave

  2. Shannon Grissom

    Hey Dave,LOL! I love the quote, “The best way out of a problem is through it.” Blasting is good!

  3. Brian Hustead


    Just read this post and the one about your agent wanting you to painting bugs….think about it, all these bugs coming at you–literally on the canvas, and in the car (whilst you’re on the right side of your brain btw), then your agent and twin (you know twins have magical powers too btw) are whispering in your ear “paint the little suckers”…….. I know there is something bugging you so I say, “If you paint them they will come”….just my 2 sense 🙂

    • Shannon Grissom

      LOL! Still grinning :O) LOL again! Will paint more Brian. Thank you!