2007 Sock Monkey Madness Festival Rockford, IL

Here are some scenes from the 2007 Sock Monkey Madness Festival held at Midway Village and Museum Center in Rockford, IL. And for those of you who’ve told me I’m “out of control” well bubububaby you ain’t seen nothin yet till ya’ve been to Rockford!

I’ve included links to my favorite vendors. Enjoy the ride!

Welcome to Rockford!
The Sock Monkey Madness Festival is held at Midway Village and Museum Center
Thanks to all the staff for a wonderful show!

Here are some scenes from my booth:

Clyde, the Monkey Made of Sockies has not been travelling due to his frail condition. His friends, Stunt Double, Uncle Frank and Sally made the journey and had a blast. I’m thinking next year we’ll have to find a way to get Clyde to the festival. He so misses being with his friends.

As for the questions about Clyde’s age, well, we are really not sure! Clyde was my mother’s sock monkey. I rescued Clyde from a trunk after Mom passed away. The legend states that he was made for Mom by her step sister’s grandmother. I assumed Mom received Clyde as a young child but I really don’t know when he was born, and have no way of finding out. I shall take him to Rockford next year and see if someone there can date him. I’ve asked Clyde but he remains mute on the subject.

Kim Gaxiola, Shannon Grissom and Mika Gaxiola
Special thanks to Kim, Victor, Mika and Noah Gaxiola for there help at the festival. Talk about financial consultants going the extra mile! Visit their A.G. Edwards site.

Sally entered the Miss Sockford Pageant wearing Designer Tamara Hudson’s sockmonkeyfun.com
fabulous garb. For the talent portion of the pageant, Sally was a ventriloquist and Shannon Grissom was the dummy. Sally played the Stars and Stripes Forever on the Kazoo. Though she did not win, she did come back grinning broadly with a beautiful crown.
As an aside, Tamara has created 4 members of my sock monkey family as of this date. (Stunt Double, Double Stunt, Uncle Frank and Sally.)

Mika and her newborn.

j.r.kortman gallery
Jerry and George Busy Making Sales From j.r.kortman gallery.
These guys have way cool contemporary items.

Red Heel Shelter
Sock Monkey Dreams and SO much More.
These people were so inspiring! Love their book, Sock Monkey Dreams. It’s a must have!

More Red Heel Shelter
What an fantastic team!

Triage Tent For Injured Monkeys

Amazing Art Group
Creative and Amazing Rubber Stamps for All Occasions
Visit Amazing Scott

The Kind and Talented
Missus Mel’nee with her family.
Visit the SunnyFlower Farm

Cast of Primates of The Caribbean < span style="font-weight:bold;">The Curse of the Stinky Sock
(Production has been halted but it’s not over until the Fat Monkey Sings!)
From Left to Right Bottom Row: Elmer George(Don’t mind the wig!), Double Stunt, Sally, Clyde: Monkey Made of Sockies, Stunt Double, Uncle Frank.
Top Row From Left to Right: Biker Dude, Cookie

What I did submit for the film festival was the Techno Color Sock Monkey. It’s a sock monkey music video….You can find it on You Tube.

Yeah she’s over the top. That’s why I took her picture!

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  1. Mildred

    Well written article.

  2. Shannon Grissom

    Thanks Mildred! I love the festival!

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