Moving On

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Last month we moved my art studio from our home to a lovely space downtown.
It’s a wonderful space filled with light and I look forward to a lot of creative days there.

This month we are moving to a new home. And since we are downsizing, it’s giving us the opportunity to let go of a lot of stuff. Most of the stuff was easy to release. I simply bagged it up and sent it to the Goodwill.

I had a bit of trouble letting go of my books. Actually a lot of trouble letting go of my books. It was like saying goodbye to old friends when you are not ready to leave. And like friends, these books offer differing levels of relationships. So in the end, I kept all that were dear to me and let go of much of the rest.

Speaking of relationships, today we move my artwork. It’s big. It’s delicate. And there’s a lot of it. Did I mention that it’s big?

Some paintings sell right away, other pieces take years to leave the nest. And when you paint as big as I do, you need a lot of space, both for creation and for storage. I can finally understand why some artists have thrown out entire bodies of work so that they could continue to create. We need space, both physically and spiritually.

Like Sting says, “Set them, set them free”.

At first, I was sad at my large inventory. There is so much work that is yet unsold. And then I was incredibly grateful. Grateful for my abundant creativity. Grateful that I can continue to create. Grateful that I have a show in October so I can release more work. Grateful that I am moving on…

It’s time to set myself free.

3 Responses

  1. chrissy

    What an absolutely beautiful post Shannon…you’re like a bird soaring, or a flower blooming!!

  2. chrissy

    You’re welcome Shannon, I mean it with all my heart!

  3. Shannon Grissom

    You are so kind Chrissy. Thank you!