Featured Painting~Molly Charley And Abbey

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I’m starting a new series of posts where I’ll share a bit of back story behind my paintings. I painted this oil on canvas for my friends Leigh and Eric Dietz. While visiting, I fell in love with their three adorable dogs, Molly, Charley and Abbey who are the stately models for this painting.

Painting of three poodles

I shot hundreds of photos before I could get them in just the perfect composition. Don’t tell them, but the photo shoot was a bit like herding cats. Thankfully Leigh is a master herder.

And I’m grinning even before coffee, these three are the inspiration for my line… “Like a three way tug of war there’s no star of the show” in my Hot Coffee Red Lipstick Song .

I love that muses come unexpectedly and from everywhere!


2 Responses

  1. joBee

    This is one of the finest paintings you’ve done. You’ve really captured the light. And I had to look at it several times to find brushstrokes. The fur is awesome.
    Great job Shannon. I’m sure Leigh and Eric are thrilled with their new portrait of their babies.

    • Shannon Grissom

      Awww thank you very much Jo!