It’s Still All Mixed Up

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Today I continued to experiment with the both the subject of cows, as well as the unfamiliar materials of acrylics on mat board. This time I chose a mustard board for the background instead of yesterday’s red . Mat Board I also decided to make the cow larger, as yesterday’s scale felt too small for me. I was happy with the study. And when I propped it up next to yesterday’s work  I realized yesterday’s study was pretty blah.

Study Comparison

Here’s today’s study…

Cow Painting
Everything Will Be All Right

And here’s how I changed yesterday’s study…

Final Version I's All Mixed Up
Final Version It’s All Mixed Up

I feel a new series coming on, but the next surface I’ll use will be some sort of archival wood. I’ve concerns about the archival quality of mat board. It is good for me to change materials from time to time. Helps keep me fresh…

It’s still all mixed up and that’s all right with me.

2 Responses

  1. David G. Hardy

    Love these Shannon ! Love the very subtle lavenders and yellows in the ” white ” cows !
    Beautiful work !

    • Shannon Grissom

      Thank you David!