Who On Earth Would Buy That?

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Yesterday I was at a committee meeting for our upcoming YMCA/Rotary Charity Golf Tournament. A committee member asked, “What’s on the easel today?”

I replied, “A hood ornament from a ’56 Chevy.”

Their response was “Who on earth would buy that?”

Good question!

This was one of those paintings that I just had to paint. 

The creation of this type of work is very meditative for me. Much like my corkscrew paintings, train engines, and motorcycle paintings,

these pieces are  as much about a quiet contemplative experience, as they are about the final painting. 


This one started with a cool palette. I’ve also got a red one gestating. It will be interesting to compare the red experience with the blue one… but I digress…


 Here’s the first statement, completed in one sitting.

It was a good start…

1st Statement

 Here’s the second statement, also completed in one sitting. On first glance,  it doesn’t look a lot different. But look again and the subtleties are starting to emerge. The spots of color on the ornament, the rounding of the hood.  I love the place I go when I paint these.  So quiet, peaceful and full of grace.

2nd Statement


My early work was full of these types of paintings.  I find it interesting that I’m returning here. It’s been a long time!

Here are a few samples from 2001 and before. The pics are bad… 4th generation  but you get the idea…


Restoration of the 805A


No Deer Here


Made in The Shade

Who’s going to buy my hood ornaments? I really don’t know. But the creation of them makes me a better person and for that I am grateful.

14 Responses

  1. Marco Zecchin

    I love the colors and the statements Shannon! My sense is that it’ll find a home soon…
    Marco Zecchin recently posted..Badges!My Profile

    • Shannon Grissom

      Awww thanks Marco for your kind words. As for finding a home soon. That’s just cool! You have always had a really really good sense. I’m smiling big :O)
      Shannon Grissom recently posted..Who On Earth Would Buy That?My Profile

  2. Cheryl

    Who on earth would ask that?!!!!!!!!!! :o)
    Cheryl recently posted..Here Comes the SunMy Profile

    • Shannon Grissom

      :O) Only one person, but many in the room shook their heads in agreement. It was an interesting phenomenon.
      Shannon Grissom recently posted..Who On Earth Would Buy That?My Profile

  3. Janet Vanderhoof

    Love the subject matter, it’s perfect for you. You do great with reflection and textures, it’s your niche for sure.
    Janet Vanderhoof recently posted..WHAT DO YOU REALLY REALLY WANT?My Profile

  4. Lisa Ladrido

    I think these would look great in any business who caters to automobiles/motorcycles! Maybe Jay Leno would like these for his garages too! You always have such creative pieces Shannon! Lisa
    Lisa Ladrido recently posted..Thrifty is Not So Thrifty After All @thriftycarsMy Profile

  5. Bill M.

    I’m so excited to see “The Restoration of the 405A” – I have ALWAYS loved that painting and I am so blessed to have it in my collection of Shannon Grissom art!
    So realistic, it’s like a photograph (or looking at it directly)!

    • Shannon Grissom

      Oh Bill, I am blessed to have you as my friend. When you bought the engine it was like it was going home :O)

  6. Gerry

    A classic car enthusiast would buy that painting!

  7. Bill C

    I love them all !!! Well done !!! I really like the reflections off the chrome! 🙂
    Bill C recently posted..My Golf Wish ListMy Profile