First Painting

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 Theresa Kiernan and I met several years ago when she was the Executive Director for the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce. We instantly hit it off, and have been friends ever since. Though we’ve co-chaired inspirational workshops, this was her first painting class in the studio.

Turns out it was her first real painting… period.

I asked her if she’d ever painted before and she replied, “Yes a paint by number!”

I then asked what she wanted to paint,  and she showed me this  picture of  her daughter’s sorority house.

Theresa Kiernan Reference Photo
Theresa Kiernan’s  Reference Photo

 I cautioned Theresa that it was an ambitious subject for a first painting, but Theresa just laughed and said she had her heart set on it.

So I said “Let’s do it!” I know that for me, having my heart set on a creative undertaking, is a huge factor in  the success of a project.

Theresa was only in town for a two-hour session so we opted for acrylic paint as they dry so much quicker than oils.

What a wonderful lesson! She had me laughing during the entire session and her painting is beautiful! So hard to believe it’s her first one!

Theresa Kiernan's First Painting
Theresa Kiernan’s First Painting

You too can create something really cool.  You can take a private lesson like Theresa or join one of my group classes.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the studio!