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One of my recent commissions was from friend and collector Brian Piddington.

Brian commissioned me to paint a portrait of renown silversmith and artist,  Al Somers, for his wife Arlene.

According to Brian, Arlene brought Al home from the thrift store one day and they’ve all been dear friends ever since.

Here’s a photo of some of Al’s beautiful work:

Al Somers
Al Somers


Here’s the reference photo for the painting:

Al Somers- Reference Photo
Al Somers – Reference Photo

And here’s the completed painting:

Al Somers, Oil On Board, 5" x 7" By Shannon Grissom
Al Somers, Oil Painting On Board, 5″ x 7″


My goal when I paint a portrait, is to capture the likeness of the subject,

and to project the spirit of the individual.  I don’t stop until people who view the piece can not only see it, but feel it.

I was deeply touched by the responses of Brian, Arlene and Al. All three of them loved the art and all of them said I “got” Al.

It’s the best feeling in the world, to deliver a painting that “get’s” the sitter. It means we all “got” each other! It’s like a group hug :O)


I am so grateful for Brian and Arlene Piddington. I treasure their friendship, faith, and patronage.

Life is good.



Brian Piddington and Al Somers
Brian Piddington and  Al Somers


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