5 Minutes Before The Miracle

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I’ve been spending my Fridays painting with the Yosemite Western Artists. Many of them complete a painting during the three hour session with the live model. Me, um, I just get started…

I’ve been to four sessions so far  and I have  just now finished my first piece.  I shared that bit of information with the other artists and they laughed. One said knowingly, “You can tell she’s a newbie  … she actually finishes her work.”

I’m not sure if I’ll always take them to the limit. We’ll see where I am a year from now. For now though, I feel that by finishing each painting, I truly finish the exercise. I don’t want to quit five minutes before the miracle. Or in this case… about 40 hours before the miracle…

Here’s the start of the very first session I attended…

First Statement
First Statement


Here’s the finished piece.

Model Tricia Ball 


I’m glad I persevered. I’ll posts the others when I get them done …

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  1. Cheryl Calhoun

    Beautiful job!
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  2. Shannon Grissom

    Hey thanks so much Jack! I’m cracking up… I can’t keep up with mine and others either 🙂