How Do You Honor Your Creativity?

I first started painting 22 years ago. From the beginning, I designated the early morning hours as my sacred creative time. I’d get up, grab a cup of coffee, write my Morning Pages, and then head  for the studio. Once there I’d listen and look at the work for awhile, until it was clear which painting was my date for session.


That practice left my creative time pure. I didn’t check my email, phone, or fax messages, until I was through.  It was a very productive and spiritual phase of my life.  I rarely let outside influences drive when I got out to the studio, or how I created.

Four years ago, I had the opportunity to have a lovely studio downtown, and I jumped on it!  The space was wonderful, and I loved that I could teach there, and that it was easy for folks to drop by for a visit. It was also nice to get some measure of separation between work and home.

My biggest challenge with having a studio outside of the home, was that I wake up early. (Between 4-5 dark hundred every day… no matter when I go to bed.)

And though I wake up early,  I did not want to get ready and  head for drive to the studio at that time of day. So, to keep my productivity up, I rearranged my schedule. I’d get on the computer, answer emails, put in social media time, and then arrive at the studio  around 8:30.

Once there, it  would take me until about 9:00 to settle in but by then, my muses were on to other things.  It was hard to get started.

As for the rest of the day… typically, I’d spend the mid-day on business, and the late afternoon on songwriting. (I’m so grateful my music  muses are on a different schedule from my painting muses!)

Recently, I went back to putting myself first. No electronics of any sort until after I’ve painted. Wow! What a difference. It feels like I’m starting my day with a prayer.

And I am…

How do you keep your creativity sacred? I’d love to hear what works for you…

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  1. AK Anderson

    What a great question! I do this same honoring process on weekend mornings, but when I go to work during the week, I don’t have the option to stay disconnected. Often, I only have a chance to write after work!

    One thing I like to do is create a tiny ritual to separate those parts of my day mentally. First I take a walk, then I light a candle, do a little free-writing to loosen the muscles.
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    • Shannon Grissom

      I love that you create a transitional ritual to put you in your creative space, and that you mentally, physically and spiritually, “stretch” before your sessions. What a great way to welcome the muses!

  2. Lori Buff

    I think it’s important to work with your muses schedule. I used to get up, do my morning pages then write my blog and do email, social media stuff. I found that I got tired in the pottery studio early in the afternoon. So I started throwing shortly after writing my morning pages but now the blog is suffering. I’ll figure out the balance eventually, maybe I need an after lunch nap to feed my creativity.

    • Shannon Grissom

      Oh I’m so with ya Lori… still working on balance! And naps, they are just plain good!

  3. Mary

    I could learn to be better at putting aside time for my art. Basically for me, it’s when everything else is done that needs doing. Not a good thing I suppose.
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    • Shannon Grissom

      Oh I so understand wanting to have everything done before you create. I have found it difficult to create once I’m through with everything else. First I’m to tired after working on everything else and then there’s the matter that everything else never seems to get finished :O) I am finding that putting myself first helps me with everything else.
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  4. Hannah-Lyn

    So late we lean so much…. or something like that. A few years ago, I decided to begin my day w/ prayer, then coffee. THEN I was ready for my art. Have tried to keep to that & it’s made a difference in my work & life… I commend you for re-scheduling the art & leaving the computer stuff for later.
    Blessings, m’dear,

  5. Noel Cowley

    Morning Pages rock! Haven’t done them for a while – this is a great reminder to start again. They always help and always result in a fuller, more productive day.