WCS Competition: The Road To Tennessee

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I was incredibly inspired by the other songwriters during the West Coast Songwriters competition on 3/19/14! Their music was phenomenal and all the folks there were incredibly supportive.

The event was televised live from at The Media Center in Palo Alto. While it was not one of my better nights there, I persevered. I played Wrong Train and The Road To Tennessee. When I think about that night, I grin….

it reminds me of what my Dad says about my golf game

“Your misses are getting better.”


Shannon Grissom WCS Competition 3/19/14
Shannon Grissom WCS Competition 3/19/14


Wrong Train was pretty much a wreck so I’m only posting The Road To Tennessee


I’d be honored if you’d have a listen…



Huge thanks to both The Media Center and West Coast Songwriters for sponsoring this event!