I Am So Not In Charge

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I am so not in charge!

I was having a tough time with this painting. It got off to a rocky start, and though I worked on it for several sessions, I never could get my footing.

I could have thrown the work out or painted over it. (It was a study that I started in my Friday sessions at the Gertrude School with the Yosemite Western Artists.)  But I felt that I needed to see this one through.

Finally, I ditched the brush and picked up a palette knife.  By using the knife I gave up any illusion of control I thought I had, and I just put down notes of color. Switching gears got me out of a rut and back on track.

Here’s a detail so you can see the many layers up-close. I love all the texture and I swear he’s smiling at me!

Ed Detail
Ed Hart (Detail)


I need to add a coat of Liquin when he dries so that the entire piece has a even sheen. At that time I’ll see if he needs any further tweaking.   It might just be time to leave the poor guy alone. He’s a little messy but I kinda like him that way.

Ed (In Progress)
Ed Hart in Progress

I’m going to try using the knife on another work I have in progress. It will be fun to see where it takes me.

Using the knife reminds me that I am not in charge, and that’s more than O.K. I just need to remember to stay out of my own way.

How do you let go when you are creating? What tools do you use to get out of your own way?







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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    He looks great Shannon. I love the effect when you use the pallet knife.

    • Shannon Grissom

      Hey Janet you made my day.I just now saw this… Thank you so much!
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