Making Room

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Ohhhh, the work is stacking up!

I attend a weekly, live -model painting session each Friday put on by the Yosemite Western Artists. It’s held at the rustic one-room Gertrude Schoolhouse in Ahwahnee.

Some artists get a painting done in one sitting. Not me….yet 🙂 Right now it takes me a bit longer to get one completed. So I take the paintings back home and finish them in the studio.  But they are stacking up and the piles are high! Recently I  was starting to feel like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia… All those buckets… I  um mean models were multiplying.

Fantasia on Disney Video


I did some merciless editing.  I painted over those that didn’t float my boat, and what’s left here, are the ones that I will finish.

I work these in between commissions. It will be interesting to see who comes to fruition. I’ll post pics when they are done.

Sometimes you have to let go of what is to make room for what could be.

2 Responses

  1. Adriana J. Garces

    Hello Shannon: It’s wonderful to see you enjoying the process and viewing your beautiful work. I look forward to seeing major changes, as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to “let go of what is…” and are surprised to find better circumstances that present themselves unexpectedly. Well, here’s to you and the many glorious moments ahead for us both! Keep up the great work Adriana

    • Shannon Grissom

      Ooooh Adriana, I’m looking forward to witnessing the shift in your work as well. Thanks so much for your kind words!