Warrior Goddess

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Zena Nunes
Zena and Penny

A couple of weeks ago, Zena Nunes and her service dog Penny, posed for us Yosemite Western Artists at The Gertrude School. Zena told us that she was a warrior goddess, and that she was donating her modelling fees to help with people who have been affected by domestic violence.

I loved her costume and thought about painting her entire figure, but opted to hone in on her spirit via her expressive face.


As I started, I  fully intended to paint a representational piece, but this is what emerged, and I decided not to argue with her. Hey, would you?


Warrior Goddess
Warrior Goddess, Acrylic on Canvas,  $980


You can see her, and other spirited originals, at the Yosemite Western Artists Portrait Show this weekend.


Portrait Show copy 2


If you can’t make the show and you would like to collect the original, click here to contact me. It’s only $980 and the shipping is on me.

Her image translates well on duvet covers, phones, pillows and more! To see how cool she looks on a number of products, click here 🙂


I’m looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

4 Responses

  1. zena

    good goddess!!!! that is amazing Shannon!!!!


  2. Adriana

    I totally agree with Ms. Goddess! She is a hearty interpretation, your painting. Happy to see the joy in the face you rendered, as you “saw it,” so it cane about.
    Much love and admiration, best wishes on the upcoming exhibition…