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I’m so excited! “Keep Your Faith has won Honorable Mention in the January/February 2016 American Songwriter Magazine’s  Lyric Contest. (By the way, there’s a story behind every song and if you missed this one, it’s worth a read… )Keep Your Faith

The other really cool thing about this nod from American Songwriter Magazine, is that I got an especially critical review on the work from another source.

When this contest came along, I sent it off anyway despite the harsh review. I really felt the song had merit.  I’m so glad I kept the faith!

Thanks to all of you out there for your support!  It means a lot.

Detail Back "Oh My Good"
Detail Back “Oh My Good”

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  1. Phyllis

    Good for you Shannon, it’s a lovely song. Congratulations!!!

  2. save lagu

    good post ! and you got successful in the music