New Song: Just Words

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Just Words  is a collaboration with writer Paul Cwalina. I “met” Paul Cwalina online at at least 6 years ago, maybe more.  I first joined the site to promote my music,  but soon  found myself hooked on listening to other people’s music and wasn’t making time to write my own. Eventually I got off the site cold turkey. Ooof!  I admit that leaving the site was almost as hard as quitting smoking. I so loved the music and folks there.

Shannon Grissom WCS Songwriting Competition
Shannon Grissom WCS Songwriting Competition
Author Paul Cwalina
Author Paul Cwalina

Anyway, over the years. I stayed in touch with a few Blip DJ’s via Facebook and Twitter.

A few months back, Paul sent me a poem and asked me if I would collaborate with him. I agreed. I thought the poem had an interesting story line and I wanted to see what we could create together. Here’s the original poem:

Just Words by Paul Cwalina

I met her in a club and asked if I could buy her a drink

She told me no that I was just another sheep

I told her she was beautiful and that I needed her

She just told me I was just being nice and they were just words


We went to movies and we went to dinners

I bought her gifts and I said we were two little love birds

But she just turned her cheek and she told me

Until thereʼs a ring on my finger, those are just words


She agreed to marry me and we made our vows

I told her I wanted ten children and she said that was absurd

But our first one is on her way, she said, and we would find out

If my bravado was anything more than just words


I told her I was bored and my eye was wandering

There was a younger woman who had all the right curves

She told me I wasnʼt thinking straight and reminded me of my vows

I said I know about the vows, my dear, but they were just words


Now, here I sit next to her grave the only woman I ever loved

Beneath a headstone surrounded by all the flowers and herbs

I read her name and the dates of her birth and death

But I couldnʼt hold them in my arms because they were just words

Shannon Grissom WCS Songwriting Competition
Shannon Grissom WCS Songwriting Competition

I adapted Paul’s poem into song form and we came up with these lyrics:

Just Words

Lyrics By Paul Cwalina and Shannon Grissom

Music By Shannon Grissom

He was heading towards her like a ram through sheep

She was packing her gear too tired to think

He told her she was beautiful, that she sang like a bird

She smiled and said those are just words


She was losing focus like a lens not clean

He was making her laugh and feel at ease

He promised to love her forever and my eyes blurred
I don’t think so those are just words


Sure enough his wandering eye clean jumped off his face

Her music gigs they faded away

He left her stranded with a kid on the way

He said what can I tell ya, they’re just words anyway



Now he’s beneath the headstone with the flowers and herbs

Tracing the dates of her death and birth

Full of sorrow full of hurt

Gone forever now she’s

Just Words



Once the lyrics took shape, it wasn’t long before I was able to write the music.  It was a tough subject to write and sing about and I was pleased that we were able to pull it off  and not sound maudlin. I am so grateful for this opportunity to create with Paul. Have a listen:




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