Father Christmas Is Heading For Palm Springs

Some of my starts aren’t so solid.

I started this painting of Father Christmas over a year ago
during one of the Yosemite Western Artists Live Model Sessions.

My first draft was uninspired and the poor fellow was unceremoniously placed in my stacks of unfinished work.

Periodically, I’d revisit my stack of unfinished work and weed out the undesirables. Some pieces got tossed, and others were painted over.

I’m not sure why, but each time , Father Christmas made the cut.

Finally, I was inspired to work on the painting but I had no interest in the original composition. So I pulled out my reference photos and voila! I found one that really spoke to me.

I’m glad I kept at it. Once I changed the composition, each session was inspired and the final painting fills me with peace and love every time I experience it.

He was recently purchased by a patron of mine and will be heading for Palm Springs tomorrow.

I’d sure love to go with 🙂