Smile Because It Happened

Recently, I got word that Daphne’s Headcovers will be retiring our Monkey Made of Sockies line of golf club headcovers.

Monkey Made of Sockies


We’ve had a great run since these were launched way back in 2007!  I am grateful for all the wonderful memories. Huge thanks to Eric Dietz,CCM, CCE, PGA • Chief Operating Officer at Mountain Lake  for getting the ball rolling on this and to Jane Spicer at Daphne’s Headcovers for her tremendous support over the years. Here are some of the highlights:

Jane Spicer and MMOS on the cover of Arizona Mag


Jennifer Rosales Shannon Grissom Monkey Made of Sockies
Jennifer Rosales and moi at the US Open in Edina. I got to be a Marshall!



ShanShan Feng and Monkey Made of Sockies



Na Yeon Choi Monkey Made of Sockies
Na Yeon Choi with Monkey Made of Sockies



Sock Monkey Golf Club Headcover and Leta Lindley

Leta Lindley and Monkey Made of Sockies (Did you know we gave a percentage of all MMOS proceeds to help find a cure for Prader-Willi?)


Monkey Made of Sockies at St. Andrews


Sharing a cigar with Mark Twain. She swears she did not inhale.


Shannon Grissom designs: Monkey Made of Sockies Family





If you have been thinking of collecting a Monkey Mode of Sockies, head over to Daphne’s soon. Once gone they will no longer be produced. As for my other sock monkey ventures, they will continue and there will always be something new down the road.

Am I sad to see them go? You bet. But this is certainly a case where I’m not crying because it’s over. I’m smiling because it happened.



2 Responses

  1. Cheryl Calhoun

    We love our MMOS’s. Sorry to see them go, but like you, happy that they happened. 🙂

    • Shannon Grissom

      Thanks so much! Happy to hear you love yours too!