A Series is Born

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I haven’t been this fired up since my Monkey Made of Sockies Series! It all started with my Radical Trust painting, and now these faces are everywhere in my studio.

Works in Progress


As I was painting this piece, Soulshine, I had a vision of the entire series done, and spreading love and light everywhere! How cool is that? 🙂


As with my last piece, I simply let the painting lead. This one was a transformation of sorts. It’s not just about owning who I am and not holding back, it’s also about being pleased and comfortable in my own skin.  It has taken me 60 years to paint this painting.

I’m going to share the series in a Goddess Gratitude App. Each painting will be paired with a gratitude sentiment, and maybe even my own music. We’ll see where it goes. As with the paintings, I’ll let the body of work as a whole tell me where to go.

There’s something about owning who you are, warts and all, that is completely liberating 🙂

To see the transformation, check out this short little video: