Owning It

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 “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

 –Mark Twain

Somewhere in my early 40’s, I changed my hair color from brunette to blonde in an attempt to cover up my mane of rapidly expanding white hair. Why Blonde? It simply blended in better with my white hair.

I thought about going back to back to being a brunette, but my friend Jan remarked that I’d have to redo all of my marketing material. Her insight gave me pause.  Until that moment, I had not realized how much my hair was tied into all of my branding. I thought about all the time and money it would take to re-work my brand and I just let everything ride.

A couple of years ago a shift occurred and I stopped dying my hair. I had come to accept where I was/am at this stage in life. And then a funny thing happened. When the silver took over and the blonde was gone, I discovered that who I was under all that color, was more flattering than what I was attempting to be.

Slowly but surely my art and music followed suit. I’m letting what’s underneath emerge.

Last week I was compelled to cut my hair.


Really short.

But I wasn’t sure I could let go.

This Butterfly Goddess was created before the cut, and it really exemplifies my struggle to emerge. It’s a pretty intense image 🙂



I went back and forth with several decisions I was wrestling with, and one morning I woke up determined to make sweeping changes.

I started with my hair. I marched down to the salon and had my hair cut into a pixie. A pixie!

The change was liberating! It’s helped me let go of other things that were also weighing me down.

This new piece is called “Compassion.” I have more for myself and for the world.



Now I must get started on all the re-branding. I can tell you right now it’s not going to be centered around my hair!

It will be fun to see how my creations shift, now that I’m “owning-it”