Paint Over It!

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Have you ever started a painting and then simply fell out of love?  Paint over it!

When I first stated painting, I’d continue to paint and try to get the feeling back, but that seldom worked. Sometimes I’d throw the work out, or gesso over it, and start a fresh piece.   Now, I skip the extra steps and paint right on top of the work. There’s usually a bit of the old work peeking through the new piece. (Note…you can paint oil over acrylic, but you can not put acrylic on top of oil as it will cause cracking and crazing down the road.)

Recently, I created two paintings for an acrylic paint pouring demonstration I performed for the Sunrise Madera Rotary.  I could have tweaked them once I returned to the studio, but my heart wasn’t in it. So with the chorus of the Eagles song, “Get Over it” blazing in my mind’s ear, I painted over both of them in oils, using both palette and painting knives. The knives are great as they add texture and ensure you don’t end up with a ghost of the first image showing through to the new piece.

In the first painting, “While There’s Still Light”, all that’s left of the original is  a bit of orange left in the river.


While There's Still Light, Oil, 10" x 20"
While There’s Still Light, Oil on Canvas, 10″ x 20″ $600


Paint Pouring Demo
Painting Pouring Demo Base for While There’s Still Light


In this second painting, “First Light” you see bits of black from the original painting on the horizon.and in the hills.


Abstract landscape at daybreak
First Light, Oil on Canvas ,10″ x 20″ $600


Paint Pouring Demo Base for First Light


Please share your experiences with painting over artwork that wasn’t working for you. Drop me a line or comment below 🙂

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