Comfort Zone Expansion: Neon Acrylics

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I’m in the process of creating content for my free, online course about becoming more painterly. To that end, I challenged myself to create 10 paintings using an unfamiliar medium, and an unfamiliar palette. These were painted  with a palette knife, and though I am quite comfortable using the knife with oils, it was definitely a challenge using the knife with acrylic paint.

Here’s the reference photo for the exercise.

As you can see below, I painted this same scene every way to Sunday. Sometimes, I even left out the water!

Reference Photo for Paintings


 I chose tiny canvas panels so I wouldn’t get to fussy.  The smaller pieces shown below measure 5″x7″, and the lager pieces are 6″x8″. This collage photo below is a good representation of how the work looks when you are not right on top of the painting.



Blue Heron Lake Collage


My online course recreates this exercise step by step, complete with video!  Drop me a line if you’d like to be notified when it’s complete.

If you are interested in collecting a piece, the 5×7’s are $65 and the 6×8’s are $75. Shipping is free if you live in the USA.

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