Playing with Micaceous Iron Oxide

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As much as I love the quiet solitude of my studio, I also love painting with friends. I get totally inspired by what they are creating, and I explore methods and subjects that might not occur to me on my own. Last week artist Deborah Pepin turned me on to Golden’s Micaceous Iron Oxide. Deb is using it as a ground for her pastel painting. Check out the short little video below to see how it’s typically used. (Note I am not getting paid to endorse this product. I’m sharing simply because I love it.)

I mentioned that it would be fun to try a palette knife painting in oil using Micaceous Iron Oxide as a ground.  (I recently created an oil painting using pastel board, and really loved the tooth.)  Deb generously gave me a sheet of watercolor paper already prepared with the ground, and I began to play:

Micaceous Iron Oxide Study
Blue Heron Lake Study, Oil on Paper 11×15″ $45

I left the ground showing in places and scumbled thinly over the top in others.  I love how it shimmers both under the paint and where it’s exposed.  It also acts as a wonderful neutral.  Here’s a closer look:

Detail heron Lake
Heron Lake Detail

I’m currently doing a lot of work on wood panels. I’ve ordered a jar of the Micaceous Iron Oxide and will try using it in place of gesso. I’m also going to experiment with adding tints of color to the mix. Should be fun! I’ll keep you posted.

I’m not going to take this study any further. If you are interested in the original, please contact me. it’s only $50 and the shipping is free if you live in the USA. It will take a week or so to dry…