Growing up, music was an integral part of our everyday lives. Mom was a brilliant musician and a gifted teacher. Dad was a self-made man and a creative powerhouse, and though he did not play an instrument, he exposed us to a wide variety of music. Much time was spent gathered around the piano with my mother and sisters. I played the clarinet. My twin sister Cheryl played the flute, and my sister Jill played the French Horn. We all played the piano as well. Sometimes we’d play our instruments, other times just we’d sing together. It was great fun!

Over the years there were a host of  “reasons” I didn’t pursue my music and songwriting but none of them are any good.

Thankfully as my years advanced, my priorities changed. Around age 38 I acquired a piano and began playing again. About 10 years later, I began songwriting and also took up the guitar. Since that time, songwriting and playing music are now a part of my everyday life.

I get song ideas while I’m painting, from phrases that I’ve overheard, or even signs on the wall. They come from everywhere so I pay attention and get them down as soon as possible.

Today I have been twice named by the Nashville Songwriters Association as “Ones To Watch”, for Keep Your Faith and The Way That I Roll.  I have won honorable mention from American Songwriter for my song Keep Your Faith and I was named Song of the Year Runner-Up, for My Next Best Ex. 

With the return of music, I feel like I am finally running on all cylinders.