Victory At Chamberlain’s Children Center

Victory at Chamberlain’s Children’s Center! Chamberlain’s Children Center empowers at-risk children in a home-like environment to heal from past trauma, discover their strengths, and develop the skills they need to achieve life-long success.  Chamberlain’s is a wonderful  organization, and I … Read More

More Monkey Made of Sockies Smile Ambassadors

The #SockMonkeySmile movement is gaining momentum! More Monkey Made of Sockies smile ambassadors are on their way to their new homes! Biker Dude Made of Sockies is on it’s way to Midway Village Museum in Rockford, IL, home of the … Read More

New Music: Lullaby

  Just before Christmas, Jason Shepherd sent me this sweet instrumental he composed. I had visions of children tucked in to bed, drifting off to magical dreams. So I decided to write a lullaby…. Enjoy :O)    You can find … Read More

Hear No Bad Stuff’s Television Debut!

Thanks to Doreen Finkle at the Art Needlepoint Company, my  Hear No Bad Stuff needlepoint canvas artwork caught the eye of a children’s television program that is developing a story line based on colors and eye hand coordination.   They are … Read More

Nature Notes

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Remember The Labyrinth  art project last year at Camp Pinnacles? It was a tremendously rewarding collaboration between me,  volunteers, and the rural school children of San Benito County. The entire project was made possible via generous grants and or support  … Read More

Monkeys On Her Back

Nope, I did not stage this great photo! The credit goes to my friend Cat Brown. Cat was out in San Juan Bautista with Jude Fenz and they got to monkeying around with Rake and Mashie, Monkey Made of Sockies. … Read More

The Labyrinth

  Last week, I was at a remote ranch, totally off the grid, creating a labyrinth with 130 students, aged Kindergarten through 8th grade. It was a profoundly beautiful event yet I almost didn’t experience it. Huge thanks to Camp … Read More