December “This Barn Has Soul” ~ This episode is about how to stretch your comfort zone while creating a wonderfully loose painting.
November “This Urn Has Soul” ~ This episode is all about using rich, warm fall colors. You’ll enjoy seeing this urn come to life.
October “This Abstract Has Soul” ~ Shannon’s energy is off the chart!  Learn to layer colors wet over wet with a brush and a knife. This rich painting is explosive!
September “This Colorful Lady Has Soul” ~ Shannon gets brave and imposes color over the blue lady. This is more about losing the fear than painting a lady. You’ll also see her glazing and scumbling techniques.
August “This Blue Lady Has Soul” ~ This is a spirited value study in ultramarine blue and white. Learn to let the painting tell you what to do.
July “These Cherries Have Soul” ~ You’ll enjoy the simplicity and elegance of space. Less really is more!
June “Big Willie Has Soul” ~ Shannon paints a Bernese mountain dog. Yes, you’ll get a lesson in fur and hair…lots of it.  This is also about letting a personality emerge.
“This Iris Has Soul” ~ This episode is all about organic shapes and rhythm of these beautiful flowers. You can’t help but become intimate with the flowers when you paint that large.
“Times Square Has Soul – Part II” ~ Shannon further refines her view of New York and you will, too!
“Times Square Has Soul – Part I” ~ Inspired by her trip to New York, Shannon paints an almost abstract view of Times Square at night. This painterly approach allows the fast-paced energy of the city to come alive. She’ll help you loosen up your brushwork.
“This Pitcher Has Soul” ~ This is a study of a white pitcher on a white background. Discover how many colors there are in white.
“This Girl Has Soul – Self Portrait” ~ Shannon encourages you to try a portrait of yourself. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process.