“This Silver Has Soul” ~ Somehow Shannon always finds a way to tie her love of golf with painting.  This episode is about reflective surfaces, on and off the golf course.
“This Scarf Has Soul” ~ Nuances of a bandanna are explored during this contemplative lesson.
October “This Child Has Soul” ~ See how simple strokes convey a wealth of emotion in this stirring episode.
September “This Trio Has Soul” ~ Learn the delicate balance of space and relationships while painting this still life of three pears.
August “This Character Has Soul” ~ Shannon creates an abstract nebula over a black-toned canvas.  Learn how to let the painting tell you what to do next.
July “This Ice Cream Has Soul” ~ Who knew there was so much color in vanilla? Learn to paint Shannon’s favorite treat!.
“This Inn Has Soul” ~ Laugh with Shannon as she shows you how to find light in the shadows and so much color on a white wall.
“Sock Monkeys Have Soul” ~ Shannon explores personality traits of your brush strokes while painting a female sock monkey.
“These Legs Have Soul” ~ Learn to transform simple geometric shapes into a realistic form.
“This Mission Has Soul” ~ Shannon shows you how to paint “outside the box” with non-traditional colors.
“Moss Landing Has Soul” ~ This episode will inspire you with color surprises and liquid reflections.
“This Bovine Has Soul” ~ Watch a happy cow come to life in this episode and see how you can use non-traditional colors to create realism.