Announcing Twins!

  In the spring of 2011, Daphne’s Headcovers President Jane Spicer called and said she thought it was time for Rake and Mashie Made of Sockies to have a baby. I was excited! I thought it was a wonderful idea, … Read More

Monkeys On Her Back

Nope, I did not stage this great photo! The credit goes to my friend Cat Brown. Cat was out in San Juan Bautista with Jude Fenz and they got to monkeying around with Rake and Mashie, Monkey Made of Sockies. … Read More

Happy Sock Monkey Day!

Friday was National Sock Monkey Day! It’s been quite a year for our own Monkey Made of Sockies. Mashie, the first Monkey Made of Sockies is now known across the globe, and Rake won’t be far behind for long. He’s … Read More

The Birth of Mr. Monkey Made of Sockies

Mr. Monkey Made of Sockies was truly a team effort between Daphne’s Headcovers and myself. In late October of 2010, Jane Spicer called and asked what I thought about a male Monkey Made of Sockies companion to our current female … Read More

Announcing Mr. Monkey Made of Sockies

Oh yeah, the rumors you’ve heard are all true. Monkey Made of Sockies has a beau, and he’ll be at Golfsmith Stores this week. Tomorrow I’ll write a blog about how they met. For today, here’s the official press release… … Read More

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