I produced and hosted, Give Your Walls Some Soul, from 2003 to 2010. Though taping has ended, the show is still in syndication in a number of cities across the country. Click here to see episodes on YouTube.

The whole undertaking was a magical experience. We first aired at CMAP in Gilroy, CA, and by the end of it’s run, we were in 50 cities across the United States and in over 8.5 million viewers!

Thanks to our amazing team, we taped over 70 episodes and won numerous awards. My main crew consisted of Jan Janes, director, Ron Winigar and Larry Talbot on camera, Shawn Mulcare, floor director, and Bruce Lee on Audio. They all did a fantastic job and became like family to me. There were many more folks who helped along the way and I am truly grateful for them all.

Here’s a partial list of the awards we won, and/or were nominated for:

2003, 2004 WAVE Award Finalist Best Instructional Programming by
a non-professional and Best Live/Live to Tape by a non-professional.
2005, 2006 WAVE Award Winner Best Instructional, Finalist Best
Live/Life to Tape.
2007 WAVE Award Finalist Best Instructional Programming by a
non-professional and Best Live/Live to Tape by a non-professional.




I received an email from a Bill O’Rourke in Kissimmee, FL and I just have to share it with you. The purpose of my show was to inspired, educate, and entertain. Sometimes I get so busy working on projects I’ve yet to complete, I lose sight of the cool ones I’ve already created. Bill’s kind words made my day:

Hello Shannon,

I just wanted to compliment you on a Great Show! I had never seen your art show before. I recently discovered it on SGTV and I pick it up in Kissimmee, FL.

I truly enjoy the fact that the episode that I saw was not limited to a half hour program. You may or may not remember the episode but it involved a lot of green, two small cows and one large somewhat purple cow.

Your sense of humor was captivating as you were cracking up over various aspects of your work during the show. You even advised the viewer to be sure to Crack yourself up as you paint. I took that to mean that we should truly enjoy what we are doing and have fun looking for the silliness in life. I Crack myself up all the time?

I am a choir director and singer that is also a columnist for a major hobby publication. I get a kick out of all that I do and I really enjoyed seeing that you got a kick out of your art during the production of your show.

I hope to catch more of your productions. So far, the cows and a show of you painting your golf club buddy are ones that I’ve seen.

Anyway, once again, GREAT SHOW!

Have Fun and Thanks,
Bill O’Rourke


I’m stoked that after all these years, I’m still cracking people up. One of these days, I’ll land back in television land. Until I do, here are some free versions to check out:




Happy Painting!